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Funeral Home

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To view our casket selection, please feel free to view the link below

http://artcocasket.com/siteresources/apps/caskets or you may feel free to set up an appointment and view our selection room.

  Thumbies, is becoming a popular trend. We take a finger print of your loved one, and submit it to a company that in turns makes a three-dimensional print using a time honored process of lost wax casting. The finished piece makes real memories at each stage of life’s cycle. These are available in Sterling Silver, White Gold, and Yellow Gold.

  We also offer Keepsake Pendants, which you are able to place cremated remains, a locket of hair, or dried flowers from the service inside of the pendant.  Having a Keepsake Pendant has proven to help family members cope more easily with the loss, having a source of comfort in their hands and to find peace in their hearts.

  We do offer Keepsake Urns, which come in many different
sizes, to hold a small amount of cremated remains for personal retention.


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